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Unsettled Estates

gives its deepest condolences to the families of shareholders who have passed away. The list below shows the estates that have not been settled. Estates go unsettled if beneficiaries do not complete enrollment or has not received documentation from the family such as a: death certificate, will or testamentary, or a relatives of deceased form.

If you may be a beneficiary of a shareholder on the list below, please contact us to find out what information is needed to complete the estate transfer.

Current Unsettled Estates

  • Marilyn (sparkie) Baumann
  • Alvin Benito Castillo
  • Louise Della Charles
  • Estabeth Covey
  • Paulette Ann Demmert
  • Theodore Robert Demmert
  • William Demmert Jr
  • Phyllis Marlene Edenso
  • Robert Richard Edenso Jr
  • George Julian Gardner
  • Myrina Gloria Garza
  • Barbara Lee Giesick
  • Mary Lorraine Gilpin
  • George Hamilton Sr
  • Dale Price Harlow
  • Bella Hiebert
  • Marjorie Hiebert
  • Justna Deanna Johns
  • Theodore Wayne Johnson
  • Lyle T. Jones
  • Maureen Jean Kase
  • Frank Lauth Jr
  • Kathryn Helen Lauth
  • Richard Lee Lauth
  • Bertina Mae Leask
  • Carol Ann McMurchie
  • Ralph Max Mielke
  • August Nelson Sr
  • Henrietta Rebecca Nelson
  • James Samuel Osborne
  • Wallace Earl Ranney
  • Lillian Roberts
  • Edwin Rowan Jr
  • Sharon Scherrer
  • Russell Snook Jr
  • Ross Vincent Soboleff
  • Debra Lee Tavis
  • Ronald Duane Thomas
  • Briana Marie Yates
  • Donovan James Yates